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Organic Polymers Organic polymers, historical view, classification, chain growth polymers, radical polymer, step growth polymer, properties of polymers, stereochemistry of polymers, Ziegler Natta polymers, Co-polymers, living polymerization, different examples. Natural polymers i.e. carbohydrate, lipids, protein and nucleic acid.

Course Synopsis

Organic polymers not only play a crucial role in living things, providing basic structural materials but also a vast used in modern world.they are classified according to their structure, properties, source and mechanisms. this course contains mainly all types of polymers and their synthesis. recycling of polymers play an important role in industry, their recycling codes is also discussed. natural and semi synthesis polymers is also included in this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

this course aims to developed a proper knowledge about polymers their roles in living organism as well as in industries. students gets enough knowledge about polymers and able to understand their synthesis and their properties and uses in daily life.


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Book Title : organic polymer chemistry
Author : K.J saunders
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Springer

Title : natural polymers
Type : Presentation

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Title : Mol. Wt of polymers
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