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Polymer Chemistry Introduction to inorganic polymers, chains, catenation, heterocatenation, silicate minerals, zeolites, ultramarines, intercalation chemistry, one dimensional conductors, rings, borazines, phosphazenes, phosphazene polymers, other heterocyclic inorganic ring system, homocyclic inorganic systems, cage boranes. Materials Chemistry Introduction to inorganic materials (crystalline and amorphous states), bonding in solids, non-stoichiometric compounds, binary solid solutions, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, dielectric, optical and chemical (corrosion) properties of advanced materials, synthesis (e.g., sol-gel, hydrothermal techniques, etc.) and design of inorganic materials and characterization.

Course Synopsis

This course consists of two parts. The first part includes fundamental concepts of inorganic polymers with special emphasis on silicon, boron, phosphorus and sulfur polymer systems. Both linear polymers and ring systems would be discussed. The second part includes a basic understanding of inorganic materials, their nature of bonding, solid structures etc. A brief discussion of synthesis of these materials, their characterization and their properties would be carried out.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course, students would have a deep understanding of inorganic polymers. They would have understood the structures and methods of synthesis of some commercially important polymers. They would be familiar with some unfamiliar but interesting ring systems like carboranes. Material chemistry is an important part of current research and by the end of this course, students would have acquired the basic knowledge of their synthesis, characterization and properties.

Materials synthesis

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Characterization of Materials

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Materials synthesis

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Silicones and Phosphazenes

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Title : Characterization techniques
Type : Other

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