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Radioactivity Type of radioactivity, types of radiation, types of radiochemical methods, radioactive substances, classification of radioactive isotopes, ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, units of radiation with matter, the nature of radioactivity alpha decay, beta decay, gamma decay, photoelectric effect, Compton effect, pair production, electron capture, isomeric transition, detection and measurement of radioactivity, different types of detectors, half life, the disintegration theory, law, tracer techniques, application of tracer techniques. Isotope Dilution Method Introduction, different types of isotopic dilution analysis, applications of isotopic dilution analysis Neutron Activation Analysis Neutron activation analysis, introduction classification of activation analysis, advantages of activation analysis. Disadvantages and limitations, applications of activation analysis. Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis. Radiometric Titrations Radiometric analysis, radiometric titrations, procedure, types of radiometric titration. advantages, disadvantages, applications. Mossbauer Spectroscopy Mossbauer spectroscopy: Introduction, Factors affecting the energy for gamma-ray absorption by the sample. Obtaining of MB spectra, resonance line shift from a change in electron environment. Quadrupole Interactions, Magnetic Interactions: Zeeman Splitting, Mossbauer effect, instrumentation. Applications. Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Nuclear quadrupole resonance, introduction, principle, instrumentation, applications.

Course Synopsis

The basic knowledge of nuclear structure, stable and unstable atomic nuclei, nuclear reactions, and different modes of radioactive decay, its detection and application in the field of titration and spectroscopy.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will have the knowledge for activity, production of radionuclides, radioactive decay, the fundamentals of radiation detectors, radioactive titration and spectroscopy.


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Radioactive Decay

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compton effect

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Neutron activation analysis

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Book Title : Instrumental Approach to chemical Analysis
Author : B.K. Sharma
Edition : 2019
Publisher :

Book Title : Instrumental Approach to chemical Analysis
Author : K .Srivastava, P.C. Jain
Edition : 4th, 2008
Publisher : S. Chand and Company Ltd.

Title : photoelectric effect
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Title : Neutron Activation and Activation Analysis
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