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Determination of Reaction mechanism by kinetic method, Isotopic labeling, study of intermediates and stereochemical data. Mechanism and synthetic applications of Aldol condensations, and it’s all types, Retro aldol reaction, Cannizzaro reaction, Claisen Condensation, Dieckmann condensation, Knoevenagel condensation, Doebner condensation, Perkin condensation, Reformatsky reaction. Michael reaction, Cyanoethylation, Stobbe condensation, Mannich reaction. Malonic ester synthesis, Acylation, Benzoin condensation and Diels Alder reaction.

Course Synopsis

To understand methods of determining organic reaction mechanism, predict Reasonable mechanism, Kinetics of reaction. To learn about organic name reactions with respect to their discovery and applications To learn methods of Synthesizing various Organic molecules by these reactions and apply these reactions in Natural product synthesis.

Course Learning Outcomes

Predict the mechanism an organic reaction. Recognize the reactivity of an organic compound w.r.t specific reaction from its substrate, reagent and conditions. Apply the gained knowledge in multi-step synthesis successfully.

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