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C-C bond formation Reactions Enolate addition to Electrophile (Alkylation and conjugation addition of enolates and enamines) Asymmetric methodology with enolates and enamines. Organometallic addition to electrophile via main group metallic reagents and transition metal reagents. Carbon Carbon double bond formation reactions, Witting reaction, Julia Olefination, Peterson reaction. C-O bond formation Reactions Synthesis of Alcohols, Ether, epoxide and Lactone by reaction involving C-O bond formation. C-N bond formation Reactions Synthesis of Amines, Amino alcohols, substituted N-hetrocycles, amide, lactam, enamines, amidine by reaction involving C-N bond formation. Oxidation Introduction, oxidation of alkene, alkyl groups, alcohols, Aldehydes, ketones, amide, amine and allylic oxidation, Chemo Regio and Stereo Selective oxidation. Reduction Introduction, reduction via addition of hydrogen, reduction with cleavage, reduction with coupling, Chemo Regio and Stereo Selective reduction. Protective Groups hydroxyl, amino, and carbonyl protection in organic synthesis.

Course Synopsis

The objective of the course is to provide comprehensive knowledge of synthesis of organic compounds using fundamental and contemporary methods.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will acquire a broad foundation in chemistry that scientific reasoning and analytical problem solving with a molecular perspective. They will be able to design and carry out scientific experiments on organic molecules.

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