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Physical, Chemical and spectroscopic methods including IR, UV-VISIBLE, NMR and Mass spectroscopy for structure determination of following classes of natural products. 1. Alkaloids: Including all sub-classes (8 classes) 2. Terpenoids: Including all sub-classes Acyclic, Monocyclic monoterpenes, Bicyclic monoterpenes, Sesqueterpene, diteyoenoids, triterpenoids, Carotenoids. 3. Stereroids: Harmones and bile acids.

Course Synopsis

This course contains natural producucts, Classification of Natural Product and its chemistry, synthesis of natural product and method used to determine the structure by chemical method as well as spectroscopic methods.

Course Learning Outcomes

To understand that What is Natural products, classification of Natural Products. How spectroscopic methods is helpful to characterized and elucidate the natural products to learn the synthesis of natural products and chemical methods to investigate the structure of natural products

structure Elucidation of Flavanoids

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natural products and its chemical Analysis

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chemical analysis of natural products

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Book Title : Natural Products Chemistry
Author : Raymond Cooper,George Nicola
Edition : 1st
Publisher : CRC press

Book Title : organic Chemistry volum 2
Author : I.L finar
Edition : 5th Edition (January 1, 2011)
Publisher : PEARSON INDIA;

Title : Alkaloids
Type : Other

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Title : Natural product
Type : Other

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