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Introduction, Historical perspectives, classification and nomenclature of organometallic compounds. Compounds of transition metals, Single, double and triple bonds to carbon, Metal-Acyls, Alkylidene complexes and Alkalidyne complexes, Delocalized hydrocarbon system: alkenes, olefins, allyl and butadienes: alyne complexes, Cyclic complexes: four, five, six membered rings. Oxidative Addition: One-electron Oxidative Addition, Addition of Oxygen, Addition of bimetallic species, Hydrogen addition, HX addition, Organic halides, Reductive Elimination reactions.

Course Synopsis

The course focuses on the organometallic compounds of transition metals, their properties and addition elimination reactions of the compounds.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students would be able to understand the history, importance and current work for the organometallic compounds.

organometallic compounds

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organometallic chemistry

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Book Title : organometallic compounds
Author : G.E. Coates, M.L.H. Green, K.Wade
Edition : 3rd
Publisher : Chapman and Hall, London, 1972

Book Title : Organometallic chemistry
Author : R.C. Mehrotra, A. Singh,
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : New age international publishers, India, 2006

Title : Organometallics
Type : Presentation

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Title : 18 e rule for organometallics
Type : Presentation

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Title : Basics of organometallics
Type : Presentation

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