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UV-Visible Spectroscopy Brief Introduction, instrumentation and sample handling, chromophore, auxochrome absorption bands, intensity shifts. Absorption of UV-Vis light by organic compounds. Beer-Lambert law, The Woodward- Fieser Rules, analytical applications of UV-Visible spectrophotometry. Infrared Spectroscopy Brief introduction, instrumentation and sample handling, Dispersive and Fourier transform Spectrometers, types of vibrational mode, Absorption frequency of common functional groups, applications. Mass Spectrometry: Brief introduction, instrumentation and sample handling, Ionization methods, mass spectra and its interpretation, applications in related to determination of molecular weight. NMR Spectroscopy Brief introduction, principles, instrumentation, nuclear spin, spin calculation, spin relaxation, chemical shift, coupling constant, Factors effecting the chemical shift, Pascal triangles,Chemically and magnetically equillent protons and applications.

Course Synopsis

Various spectroscopic techniques will be taught during this course so that students can use them in their research for characterisation of their prepared compounds. And interpret their data.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students would be able to learn and understand basic instrumentation, working principle, results and interpretation of spectra of UV visible, Infrared, NMR and mass spectrometry. A comparison of these techniques would also be inculcated among them so that they are able to select an appropriate technique for an appropriate purpose.

UV visible spectroscopy introduction

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Instrumentation, woodword viewer rules and applications of UV visiblespectroscopy

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introduction to spectroscopy

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fieser rules

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Woodward fieser rules

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Book Title : An introduction to spectroscopy
Author : D. L. Pavia, Lampman
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Engage Learning

Title : uv instrumentation
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Title : solvent effect steric effect
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Title : steric effects
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Title : structure determination
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Title : spectroscopy book
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