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Course Contents

1. Introduction to Polymers, Classification, types, terminology. 2. Polymerization process a. Addition or chain reaction polymerization b. Mechanism and kinetics of free radical polymerization examples 3.Mechanism and kinetic of cationic polymerization a.Mechanism and kinetics of anionic polymerization b. Condensation or step growth/reaction polymerization c. Difference between addition and condensation polymerization 4. Mechanism and kinetics of copolymerization a. Ideal copolymerization and alternating copolymerization examples b. Emulsion polymerization (examples) 5. Natural and inorganic polymers a. Physical aspects of polymers b. Molecular forces and chemical bonding in polymers 6.Molecular weight distribution of polymers a. Number average,weight average, z-average and viscosity average molecular mass 7. Molecular weight determination of polymers a.light scattering method b.Ultra centrifuge method c.End group analysis d.viscosity measurement 7.Structure of polymer chains a. Introduction to chain isomerism, stereochemistry, configuration and confirmations

Course Synopsis

Polymers are very large molecules made when many smaller molecules join together, end to end. Polymer chemistry based on study, and manipulate the characteristics of polymers to create materials with specific chemical, biological, and physical properties.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course the student will be able to: • Classify synthetic and biological polymers • Account for the concept of molecular weight. • Explain the properties of polymers in solution • Explain the properties of polymers in solid state • Compare the mechanical properties of polymers based on their structures • Identify and explain differences between addition and stepwise polymerisation • Account for reaction mechanisms during radical, ionic and condensation polymerisation • Use methods for the characterisation polymer materials

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curriculum Book

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Book Title : Principles of polymer science
Author : P. Bahadur, N. V. Sastry
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Alpha Science International, 2005
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Book Title : Polymer Science
Author : Vasant R. Gowariker, N. V. Viswanathan, Jayadev Sreedhar
Edition : 1st
Publisher : New Age International
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Title : Introduction to Physical Polymer science
Type : Reference Book

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