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Course Contents

1. Polarography: Voltrametry, Types of Voltrametry, Introduction and principle of polarography, basic instrumentation, Interpretation of various Polarographic curves, working and advantages of DME (dropping mercury electrode); qualitative and quantitative aspects of polarographical analysis 2. Conductometry: Conductance, Principle of Conductance, Procedure, factors upon which the conductance of solution depends; Measurement of conductance, Analytical applications of conductance measurement. 3. Potentiometry: Nernst equation; Electrode Potentials; different reference electrodes including glass and calomel electrode; working of a potentiometer and its applications including pH measurements and potentiometric titrations; ion-selective electrode systems; ion- exchange membrane electrode; gas-sensinig electrode; solid-state membrane electrode and bio membrane electrode.

Course Synopsis

During this course, the principles and theories of the electroanalytical techniques will be discussed. The students will be made understand the need of this course and its analytical and other related applications. The course will cover Polarography, conductometry, and potentiometry. Theory and instrumentation of these methods will be discussed. Theoretical background as well as recent improvements/developments in these fields will be discussed and covered.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to learn electroanalytical techniques, including voltammetry and its types. Student are able to learn about their advantages as well as limitations. They will understand the theory, instrumentation and working of the techniques regarding these techniques. Students will also learn the polarography and conductometry. The applications of these in the real life will also be discussed.


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Voltammetry - Polarography

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Stripping Voltammetry

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Conductometric Titrations

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Book Title : Principles of Instrumental Analysis
Author : Douglas A . Skoog, F. James Holler and Timothy A. Nieman
Edition : 7
Publisher : Thomson
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Book Title : Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Author : Willard, Meritt and Dean
Edition : 1
Publisher : Von Nostrand

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