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1. Nuclear Chemistry: Composition of the nucleus, natural and artificial radioactivity, rate of radioactive disintegration, radioactive equilibrium, transformation of elements cyclotron and linear accelerators; nuclear processes; nuclear fission, atomic bomb, nuclear reactor, nuclear fusion, hydrogen bomb, steller energy, radiation hazards, use of tracers in chemistry. 2. Advance Approach to Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure: Semi Permeable membranes. The cause of semi-permeability. Mechanism of osmotic pressure. Dilute solutions and the Gas Laws. The Bombardment theory. Objections to the Bombardment theory. Review of the theories. Determination of the molecular weight by Osmometry. 3. Gels and Emulsions: Introductions, Methods of Preparation of Emulsions. Emulsifiers, Breaking of emulsions. Orientation Theory. Emulsification and wetting, Significance.

Course Synopsis

Purpose of this course is to improve the understanding and learning of students advance Physical Chemistry up to the mark. This will help the students to broaden their concepts of some special and specific topic of physical chemistry.

Course Learning Outcomes

This will go long way to help the implementation of modern physical chemistry. It will also able the physical chemist to solve the problems and issues occur during the routine experimental work for various kind of analysis.


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Book Title : Modern physical chemistry
Author : Haq nawaz Bhatti, zahor Hussain Farooqi
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Caravan Book House, Lahore

Title : Artificial Radio Activity
Type : Presentation

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Title : Atomic Bomb
Type : Presentation

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Title : Hydrogen Bomb
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Title : Nuclear Fission
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Title : Nuclear Fusion
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Title : Nuclear Reactor
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Title : Radiation Hazards
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Title : Radio Active Disintegration
Type : Presentation

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Title : Steller Energy
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Title : Uses of Tracers in Chemistry
Type : Presentation

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