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Course Contents

1. Qualitative analysis: Three component organic mixture analysis (separation and identification of the unknown components) 2. Chromatography and Spectroscopy: Separation of mixtures by chromatography and identification by spectroscopy 3. Organic Synthesis: (a) Multi-steppreparationandspectroscopiccharacterization:p-nitroanilinefromaniline; p-bromotoluenefromp-toluidine,o-Bromotoluenefromo-toluidine (b) Preparation, separationand identification of regio-isomers: o-nitrotoluene and p-

Course Synopsis

Lab work focuses on hands-on training of students towards various types of ,multi step synthetic processes , separation techniques that equipped students with higher level lab techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to perform independent organic synthesis, with accurate protocol of identifications of different functional groups.

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