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Course details Semester I In this term the course will be focused on the figure as a central motif in the manipulation of space and pictorial investigation. Students will explore various wet pigment and dry media such as ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil pigments. This course is designed for the advance level of figurative representation. The students may be given assignments as described in the following: 1. Draw the human figure using different techniques of seeing and drawing. 2. Identify and locate basic bone and muscle structures and form. 3. Create tonal (value) drawings of the human figure with a variety of drawing media. 4. Learn through the great masters drawings that how artists have traditionally expressed the human figure.

Course Synopsis

This course aims to create an environment in which students can explore and interrogate their ideas through the practice of drawing. The study of compositional development through experimental drawing emphasizing the technical expansion of drawing techniques with varied drawing media and subjects will also be practiced. The main focus in this semester will be on the investigation of the figure as a means of exploring drawing as depiction, organizational device, metaphor and object, using various media. Through this course the students will also understand the use of form, structure and anatomy of the draped and un-draped human to develop basic principles of sound draftsmanship. It will provide a forum where drawing issues from across postgraduate disciplines can be exchanged and dynamically tested in studio contexts.

Course Learning Outcomes

Following are the outcomes that will be demonstrated upon completion of the course. Drawing as a visual research which can be related to other modes of art practice like installation, painting, miniature painting, ceramics and sculpture etc.: • To initiate and organize external projects, where students learn vital professional skills and develop a better understanding of context for their work. • To test how their artworks are installed, received and understood by participating in an external exhibition.

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