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Course Contents

1. What is Research Methodology 2. Methods and types of research 3. Crafting a thesis 4. Source Citation 5. Plagiarism Courses details- Semester 1 final term (January –February) 1. Research proposal writing 2. How to write an introduction 3. Problem and conclusion 4. Defining your chapter layout 5. Understanding and practice of Chicago Manual style of research methodology through research articles

Course Synopsis

The aim of the course is to create an understanding of the Importance of learning ‘the Methodology for research’ in Fine Arts. Students will learn how to identify Problems and craft their thesis statement for which they will also evaluate how to utilize literature review to strengthen their claim. The brief course will enable the students to learn about the difference between a research paper and a research proposal. The course will introduce the students to the Chicago Manual of Style for Source Citation. To strengthen the art of designing a layout and creating cohesiveness of text different exercises, apart from writing a research proposal, will be given.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion students will be able to produce research proposal in the light of the latest scholarship utilizing Chicago Manual of Styles. They will know how to write a research paper with a step-by-step process. The students will learn how to incorporate Style of Documentation in their research work.

Literature Review

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Chicago Manual of Styles

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APA Style

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Book Title : The Chicago Manual of Style
Author : The University of Chicago Press Editorial Staff
Edition : 17th Edition
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
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Book Title : A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers
Author : Kate L. Turabian
Edition : Ninth Edition
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
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Book Title : The Elements of Style
Author : William Strunk JR.
Edition : Fourth Edition
Publisher : Pearson
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