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During final semester, students will be required to work on their research projects approved by their advisers. All researchers will be required to meet their advisor at least once a week or to make alternative arrangement with the approval of his/her advisor. After completion of thesis/dissertation, the researchers will have to deposit three copies of their thesis to advisers who may/may not ask to make changes (if any) in these drafts. in general, the adviser will approve and sign the final research document if the researcher(candidate) fixes his/her thesis in light of the suggestions made by the committee members. All students will be required to deposit five extra copies of the final draft of their thesis for the examination office, university library and department’s library

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Introduction to SPSS

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Methods of Data Collection

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Dissertation Writing: How to Write your Conclusion

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Book Title : Reputation management: The key to successful public relations and corporate communication
Author : John Doorley, Helio Fred Garcia
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Routledge
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Title : The_role_of_public_relations_A_case_of_s
Type : Curriculum Book

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