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This seminar course will enrich MS students regarding change and advancement in development paradigms. At this level students will go through readings mostly papers written by different scholars of development communication. They will also write critique on various articles on development communication. 1. Mass Media role in the Third World 2. Three Paradigms of Development Communication: Modernism, Dependency dissociation and multiplicity, The Alternative Paradigm 3. The International dimension of development Communication 4. Development Support Communication and Social Sector (rural / agricultural, environmental etc.) Media of Development Support Communication 5. Mass Communication and Social Change; Diffusion of Innovation. The Knowledge Gap hypothesis 6. Political Communication, Mass Media and Political Socialization 7. Designing Communication Campaigns

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes: 1. The students will be able to design communication campaign for any developmental project. 2. They will also be able to write reports for development communication 3. They will capable to understand international perspective of Development Communication 4. They will be well equipped to produce documentaries on social issues. 5. They will understand different theories of development communication and how it works in the society 5. Students can compare development strategies of third world countries with developed countries.

Modernization Theory

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Dependency Theory

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Title : Diffusion of Innovation
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Title : DSC
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Title : DC international perspective
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Title : DC Agriculture
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Title : Alternative Paradigm of development
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Title : Political Communication
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Title : Political Socialization
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Title : Social Change
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Title : Knowledge Gap Hypothesis
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Title : Comm Campaign
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