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The general theme of this course will be the cultural imperative in international communication. The seminar will explore the impact and implication that global communication has or may have on the diverse cultures of the world with emphasis on an understanding of the interrelationship between culture and communication. In this course, students will present abstracts of pertinent books and articles from journals and periodicals. Outline: I. Approaches to the study of International Communication. II. Communication and Technology: • Transborder Flow of Computerized Information: Controls and Restrictions. • Transfer of Information Technology to the Third World: Threats and Alternatives (sovereignty and cultural issues). III. The New International Information and Communication Order: American and non-aligned countries’ perspective on new communication and information order. • Non-aligned agency pool. IV. Intercultural communication: The case of Muslims, Islam and the Muslim World in the Western Media.

Course Synopsis

This course is intended to expose students to the role of mass media in a global context. It will focus on the technological development and direction of information flow among nations, the need to continue the debate on the new world information and communication order and the monopoly of the information highway by countries in the northern hemisphere. It will also take a look at globalization and its outcomes especially in developing nations such as Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to: Analyze and explain the role of international communication in a global society Critically analyze the impact of various social and political philosophies on the media Demonstrate an ability to apply communication to the solution of global problems Display an understanding of the place of social movement in solving problems Evaluate the process of international communication within the frame work of social, cultural, economic, religious and political division of the early 21st century.

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