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Course Contents

1. Enzymes: Isolation of enzyme from different sources, study of different factors like temperature. pH, Concentration of substrate on the properties of Alkaline Phosphatase and LDH. Determination of the kinetic parameters of these enzymes and their mode of inhibition using UV / Visible Spectrophotometer. 2. Vitamins: Estimation of Vitamin A, B1, B2, C and D in food materials by chemical methods and HPLC. 3. Urine Analysis: Analysis of organic constituents in normal and abnormal human urine. 4. Blood Analysis: Analysis of blood constituent like, Calcium, Phosphate, Sugar,Urea, creatine, Biliuribin, Cholesterol, Triglycerides by chemical methods, flame photometry and atomic absorption spectroscopy. 5. Urine Analysis: Analysis of Inorganic constituents in normal and abnormal urine by atomic absorption spectrometry, flame photometry and titration methods. 6. Blood Analysis: Analysis of inorganic constituents of blood like , sodium, potassium etc by flame photometry. Estimation of organic constituents like Uric acid, serum proteins, haemoglobin etc by chemical methods.Estimation of Clinically important enzymes like alkaline phosphatase, acid phosphatase, SGPOT, SGOT, creatine kinase, etc using their specific assay methods. (a) Cell structure: Study of cell structure by light microscope. Growth of Bacteria and its growth curve. (b) Separation techniques: Gel filtration of proteins, Separation of Blood proteins by Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

Course Synopsis

This course is aimed to deliver practical knowledge regarding the isolation and estimation of enzymes and vitamins from various samples. The organic and inorganic analyses of the urine and blood will also be discussed by various techniques such as spectrometry, flame-photometry, titration and electrophoresis. Bacterial culturing and growth curve will also be discussed.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students of this course will be able to understand the elements appended below. 1. The understanding of techniques like HPLC and spectrophotometer, used in isolation and estimation of enzymes like alkaline phosphatase and vitamins from various sources. 2. Comprehension of analyses of the organic elements like proteins in the urine and blood by gel filtration and electrophoresis along with the estimation of inorganic ions by spectrophotometry and flame-photometry. 3. A thorough comprehension of bacterial culturing techniques and growth curve.

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