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Special regions and classification of spectroscopy; Rotational energies of diatomic molecules, population of Rotational energy level. Rotational spectra of rigid linear molecules and determination of bond lengths. The Stark effect. Viberational spectroscopy: energy of an atomic molecule, harmonic and harmonic oscillator molecules, relative population of energy levels and intensities of transition, types of vibrational modes. Vibratinal of polyatomic molecules, interpretation of IR spectra of simple molecules, Fermi resonance, applications and sampling techniques.Laws of photochemistry, quantum efficiency and its determination Photochemical reactions, excited state symbols; photosensitized reactions, phosphorescence, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, Lasers.

Course Synopsis

This course includes detailed study of Rotational and Vibrational spectroscopy and discusses about different aspects of this advanced topic. It includes explanation of rotational and viberational energies, different modes of levels, interpretation of IR spectra, Fermi resonance etc. Regarding photo-chemistry there will be detailed discussion about modern concept of photo-sensitized reactions, phosphorescence, fluorescence chemiluminescence and Laser emission.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course will give learning about two topics of chemistry, the IR spectroscopy and Photo-chemistry at advance level. It includes detailed study of rotational and vibrational spectroscopy. The topic photo-chemistry will give learning about most modern concepts about photo-chemical processes like Photo-sensitized reactions, phosphorescence, fluorescence, chemifluorescence and Laser

Vibrational, Rotational Spectroscopy

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Vibrational rotational spectra

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Rotational Spectroscopy, introduction

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