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Course Contents

1. Basis of Metabolism: Methods of metabolism study. Cell bioenergetics and Role of ATP. Biological oxidation and reduction. Electorn Carriers involved in the oxidation of fuel molecules. Oxidative phosphorylation and regulation of ATP production. Inhibitors of electron transport chain. Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation. 2. Metabolism of Carbohydrates: Digestion, Absorption, and Transport of Carbohydrates. Glycolysis, Citric acid Cycle. HMP pathway. Uronic acid pathway. Gluconeogenesis. Glycogenesis, Glycogenolysis, Photosynthesis and their control. Regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. 3. Metabolism of Lipids: Digestion and absorption of Lipids. Detailed Synthesis and Oxidation of fatty acids. Involving of Acyl carrier protein and Carnitine carriers. Metabolism of essentiall fatty acids and their metabolic disorders. Control of fatty acid Metabolism. Ketone Bodies. Phospholipids, steroids and Prostaglandins.

Course Synopsis

This course is aimed to deliver the basis of metabolism with special emphasis on cellular bioenergetics along with detailed study of metabolism of the carbohydrates and lipids. During the course, the digestion, absorption and major metabolic pathways of carbohydrates and lipids including glycolysis, citric acid cycle, hexose monophosphate pathway, uronic acid cycle, electron transport chain along with biosynthesis and degradation of lipids will be under extensive discussion. Metabolism of essential fatty acids and their metabolic disorders will also be discussed.

Course Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of this course are as appended below. 1. Thorough understanding of the basic metabolism by comprehension of ATP formation and utilization. 2. Comprehension of carbohydrate metabolism from the initial digestion and absorption to their breakdown through glycolysis and conversion to energy or storage molecules respectively. 3. An in-depth conception of lipid metabolism including the digestion, absorption and assimilation of essential lipids, biosynthesis of non essential lipids, beta oxidation and ketone bodies formation along with disorders of lipid metabolism.

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