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Explain the importance of computers today's society. Identify different categories of computer in use. Identify different components of computer Explain the importance of internet and WWW in today's society. Identify various services provided by internet Explain the importance of software in today's society Identify different categories of software in use. Enable the students to create various type of electronic documents Enable the students to create electronic presentations Enable the students to manage data and perform calculations

Course Synopsis

This course provides fundamentals of computer and it's application. Students will explore the hardware, software, internet and importance of Computer in today's society.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course provides fundamental understanding of computer applications with the course topics include basic and fundamental of computer applications. Students will also covering the basic concepts in computer hardware. Software operating systems, as well as the usage of internet.

introduction to computer (basics of computer)

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basic diffenrece between internet and WWW

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introduction to computer

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internet and working of internet

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Book Title : Introduction to Computers
Author : Osman Ay, Muammar Oksuz
Edition : 1
Publisher : Zambak Publishing

Title : Introduction to computer
Type : Presentation

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Title : categories of computer
Type : Presentation

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Title : basic components of computer
Type : Presentation

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Title : services provided by internet
Type : Presentation

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Title : computer software and its categories
Type : Presentation

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Title : Ms word, Excel and powerpoint
Type : Reference Book

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