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Matrices and Vectors, differential calculus, including the concepts of gradient, divergence and curl. Divergence and Stokes theorems. Introduction to partial differential equations and Fourier series. Equations of heat conduction, wave propagation and Laplace. Complex variables and the Cauchy-Riemann conditions. Cauchy theorem and conformal mapping.

Course Synopsis

On successful completion of this course students will be able to 1-Understand linear algebra and its applicability in different engineering fields. 2-Incorporate the knowledge of calculus and transforms to support their concurrent and subsequent engineering studies. 3-Have the idea of vector calculus, its physical interpretation and applications in real life examples.

Course Learning Outcomes

Use matrices, determinants and techniques for solving systems of linear equations in the different areas of Linear Algebra. Calculate and relate the transforms used in different Engineering Field. Calculate line integral, surface integral and volume integral and correlate them with the application of Stokes, Green and Divergence theorem.

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Book Title : Advanced Engineering Mathematics- E. Kreyszig,
Author : E. Kreyszig,
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons.
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