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i. INTRODUCTION a. Definition of Anatomy b. Importance of Anatomy in Sports c. Terms & terminologies used in Anatomy ii. CELL a. Structure of cell b. Functions and characteristics of cell c. Cell division iii. TISSUES AND ORGANS a. Definition b. Types iv. ANATOMY OF SKELETAL SYSTEM v. ANATOMY OF MUSCULAR SYSTEM vi. ANATOMY OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM vii. ANATOMY OF CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM viii. ANATOMY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM

Course Synopsis

The outlines of this course has been drawn with the objective to provide basic knowledge of human anatomy and body parts such as head and neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, Skeleton, Bones Tissues, Joints and Muscles to acquaint students with initial information about human body structure and functions.

Course Learning Outcomes

Student will get knowledge of anatomical structure of the body. They will learn about basics of musculoskeletal function and how both structure and also learn the function of anatomy for better exercise and preservation from diseases.

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Book Title : Anatomy & Physiology
Author : Saladin, K. S
Edition : 3rd edition 2004
Publisher : New York: McGraw Hill

Book Title : Human Anatomy
Author : Chaurasia, B.D.
Edition : 4th ed.
Publisher : New Delhi: CBS, 2004.

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Title : Introduction To Anatomy-3
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