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Course Contents

• Introduction to Sculpture and its types through Slide presentation • Study of sphere in clay and Introduction to element of design in Sculpture. Understanding of ‘Clay Preparation’ (Type of Clay, Handling and methodology) • Study of Egg form • Detailed Study and sketches of Bird form and composition in round Sculpture • Study of Bird form in Clay • Study of Basic Form/Volumes (Sphere, Cube, pyramid, cylinder in Clay) • Study of Principal of Design in Sculpture and Basic Form/Volumes (Sphere, Cube, pyramid, cylinder in Clay) • Study of nature in Sculpture relief (size 8 x 8 slab) • Detail Study and sketches of fruits and composition (still life) • Study of Animal from in Clay • Study of Texture and Slabs method technique in Clay. • Study of Casting and molding in Plaster of Paris • Study of Casting and molding in Plaster of Paris and bandage. • Study of Relief Sculpture in Clay and understanding of different types of relief • Study of bird / animal / insect from in paper. • Study of Sculpture in relief (low, high) • Study of carving\subtracting method (clay, plaster of Paris) • Study of armature design • Plaster of Paris carving / Relief sculpture

Course Synopsis

This course introduces students to various materials for building 3D forms both in round and in relief. Students learn fundamental methods of • Clay Preparation • Carving • Modelling • Mold Making • Basic Volumes • Slab Method & Texture • Cast & Mold process (Plaster & Fiber Glass)

Course Learning Outcomes

This course explores nature of three-dimensional form, as well as an introduction to sculptural materials and skills. Students learn to manipulate clay into 3D forms for which they have to make preliminary sketches and drawing.

Sculptural Processes

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Four Basic Sculpture Techniques

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Basics of Sculpting

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Shape and Form in Sculpture

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Shaping the basic form for your clay character

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Clay designs

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Relief Sculpture Panel

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Clay and plaster relief

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Plaster Face Casting - 1

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Plaster Face Casting - 2

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Book Title : The Figure in Clay: Contemporary Sculpting Techniques by Master Artists
Author : Lark Books
Edition : 5
Publisher : Lark Crafts

Book Title : Sculpting the Figure in Clay: An Artistic and Technical Journey to Understanding the Creative and Dynamic Forces in Figurative Sculpture
Author : Peter Rubino
Edition : 1
Publisher : Watson-Guptill

Book Title : A Sculptor's Guide to Tools and Materials
Author : Bruner F. Barrie
Edition : 2
Publisher : A.B.F.S. Publishing

Book Title : The Book of Wood Carving
Author : Charles Marshall Sayers
Edition : Year 2012
Publisher : Courier Corporation

Title : Weekly Planner - Sculpture-I
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