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Chapter-01: 1.1 Definition of Science 1.2 Scientific method 1.3 Advantage and disadvantage of scientific method Chapter-02: 2.1 Objectives of Teaching science 2.2 Types of objective general and specific 2.3 Educational objectives bloom’s taxonomy Chapter-03: 3.1 Methods of Teaching science 3.2 Lecture method 3.3 Demonstration method 3.4 Problem solving method 3.5 Project method 3.6 Inquiry method Chapter-04: 4.1 Techniques of Teaching 4.2 Team Teaching 4.3 Field Trips 4.4 Group Discussion Chapter-05: 5.1 A.V Aids 5.2 Traditional A.V Aids (chalk board, globes, models, charts, bulletin boards, tape recorder) 5.3 Overhead projector 5.4 Multimedia projector 5.5 Computer Chapter-06: 6.1 Lesson planning 6.2 Explaining lesson planning 6.3 Importance of lesson planning 6.4 Samples of lesson planning Chapter-07: 7.1 Evaluation 7.2 Types of evaluation 7.3 Preparation of different types of objective tests (true/false, MCQs, Matching type items, fill in the blanks, short answer types) Chapter-08: 8.1 Organization and management of laboratory 8.2 Maintenance of laboratory items 8.3 Maintenance of stock, perishable, permanent, consumable stock 8.4 Annual checking of stock register 8.5 Safety rules during working in science laboratory Suggested Readings:

Course Learning Outcomes

The Learning outcomes course are to prepare prospective science teacher who can help science students learn through hands-on experiences and reflective minds. Current theories that explain how students learn science are discussed in appropriate details. Principals of learning are the applied to develop rational for developing science curricula. A critical review of major science curriculum projects is included to illustrate how the contents and modes of inquiry are integrated in the teaching learning process. The course work also provides ample instructional material on conduct of lab work, development of science projects and science fairs

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Book Title : Minds on science
Author : Jack Hassid
Edition :
Publisher : Harper Collin Publishers Inc. New York

Book Title : Beliefs and Values in Science Education
Author : Michal Poul
Edition : 6th
Publisher : Open University Press, Buckingham.

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