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Unit IV - Informal Commmunication in Groups (Listening &Speaking)A&B. Unit V - Effective Speaking :Formal &Individual-1 Unit VI - Effective Speaking: Formal &Individual- II Unit VII - Making an Academic Presentation. Unit VIII - Making speeches on special occasions. Unit IX - Communicating through writing - I Communication through ┼║writing - II Unit X - Translation as written communication Unit XI - Translation as oral communication/Interpretation

Course Synopsis

This course provides a concise introduction to communication and offer oppertunities for understanding of concept developing and building of language skills through exercises and activities.They focus on aspects of communication generally required by undergraduates for their academic needs especially presentation skills.Most of the activities in the book(Eng-503) lead students directly into oral discussions and encourage students to talk in English.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course will enable the university students to present themselves in speech and writing by developing their communication skills and make use of their knowledge to the best possible advantage.It will also enable them to overcome their fear of speaking before an audience.

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Author : Andrews, J. & Lupart, J.
Edition :
Publisher : Sage Publications.

Author : Andrews, J. & Lupart, J.
Edition : 6th
Publisher : Cambridge University Press.

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Type : Presentation

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