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Course Contents

Environmental remediation: Factors affecting remediation efficiency; Evaluating speciation and contaminant availability in polluted environment ; Factors affecting contaminant degredation ; Remediation strategies : Natural attenuation, Bioremediation and Phytoremediation, Conventional methods , Physical techniques, Chemical Oxidation and chemical treatments, Photocatalytic processes, Electrochemical techniques, chemical and biological sorption, Integrated approaches for remediation, Application of nano –materials ; Social and economic aspects of remediation

Course Synopsis

his course will emphasis the treatment of contaminated sites. It is divided into three main parts: The first section covers remediation today; an overview of the remediation process, key terms and definitions, the chemical transformations, microbial ecology, metabolism and the required conditions for optimum remediation rates. The second section covers the remediation strategies (in situ and ex situ) for contaminated wastewater, sludge, vapours and soils, with emphasis also placed on natural attenuation and phyto-remediation. The third section concludes applications of remediation

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon Completing this course, students will be be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and importance of remediation. Define remediation and when each strategy would be most applicable. Understand the influence of site characteristics: hydraulic conductivity, soil type, microbial presence, and groundwater properties. Understand the influence of contaminant characteristics to remediation (e.g. chemical structure, toxicity, and solubility). Demonstrate the use of course concepts to solve problems in real world applications. Learn and comprehend the fundamental principles of remediation processes, and acquire profound knowledge, after researching, on the latest remediation technologies; . Acquire precise information for correct decision-making skills;

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Book Title : Environmental Remediation Technologies for Metal-Contaminated Soils
Author : Hiroshi Hasegawa
Edition : Edition: 1Publisher: Springer: Tokyo, JapanISBN: 978-4-431-55758-6 (Print), 978-4-431-55759-3 (Onlin
Publisher : Springer
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