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Course contents. MS. 2019-2021 • Definition, background, basic principles and pillars of sustainable development. • Goals of sustainable development • Sustainable development in environmental science • Sustainable chemistry and green chemistry: perspectives of green chemistry along life cycle of chemical products for sustainability and role of green chemistry in environmental sustainability • Green chemistry and its principles. Details of Applications of green chemistry in environment highlighting its application in industries for daily life products • Life cycle assessment and sustainability • Benign by design :a basic sustainability requirement • Resources, recycling and circular economy ,,Cradle to cradle approach and cradle to grave approach highlighting their contribution in sustainable development • Key role Cleaner production in environmental sustainable process • Sustainability and renewable energy • Sustainability assessment via assignments and presentations

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for sustainable development can be defined as educational goals that aim to support students’ full development and well-being in an holistic and sustainable perspective After learning this course students will be able to face challenges that affect modern society, in terms of social issues (regarding the search for fairness, right equality, prejudice reduction, poverty eradication, and the promotion of democracy) and ecological and environmental themes (mainly focused on the responsible use of natural resources; the management of climate change, waste, and pollution reduction; and the preservation of biodiversity).

green chemistry and sustainability

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cleaner production approaches

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green living ideas

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Practical sustainability approaches

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Book Title : Handbook of Green Chemistry and Technology
Author : Editor(s): James H. Clark Duncan Macquarrie
Edition : 1st,2002
Publisher : Blackwell Science Ltd
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Book Title : Handbook of Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production
Author : Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff and Paul E. Rosenfeld.
Edition : 1ST 2010
Publisher : Elsevier Inc.
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Title : measuring sustainability of a product
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Title : principles of green sustainable chemistry
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Title : examples of green chemistry in sustainable development
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Title : cradle to cradle approach
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