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COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to wetland ecosystem, wetland communities, wetland classification and inventory, wetland values, functions, and evaluation. Identification of important flora and fauna and its role within the wetlands. Ecosystem approach to wetland management. Participatory approach to wetland management. Government regulations and policies on wetland, formulation of wetland management plans for Pakistan. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1. Wang, Y. (Editor). 2020. Wetlands and habitat. The handbook of natural resources, 2nd edition, CRS press. New York, USA. 2. William, J. M and James, G. G. 2007. Wetlands. Washington DC, USA. 3. Falconer, R. A and Goodwin, P. 1994. Wetland Management. London, United Kingdom. 4. Mary, E.K., Roberts, P.B., Staphanie, F.G., Cindy, C.H., Arthur, D.S. and Jean, C.F. 1992. Wetlands: An approach to improving decision making in wetland restoration and creation. USA 5. Hammer, D.A. 1992. Creating freshwater wetlands. Chelsea, Michigan, USA.

Course Learning Outcomes

AIMS The course will be helpful to understand the ecological structure and functions of wetlands, significance of wetlands, sustainable use of wetlands. 1. It will emphasize on the important flora and fauna of wetlands and their conservation status. 2. It will equip students with the knowledge of environmental impacts on the wetland habitat. 3. It will enable students to write a conservation and management plan for wetland.

Biology of Freshwater Wetlands

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Wetlands of Pakistan

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Title : Wetland Management
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Title : Wetlands, Importance, biodiversity
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Title : Classification of Wetlands
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Title : Wetland Values and Functions
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Title : Flora and Fauna of Wetlands
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Title : Degradation of Wetland
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