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1. Lectures: 45 - 48 2. Discussions /Tests / Assignments: Regular COURSE CONTENTS Environmental management, Fundamentals and goals, Environmental management and science, participants in environmental management, Introduction to environmental issues, Environmental regulations, International, ISO 14000, Green chemistry and green engineering, Sustainability, Environmental risk assessment (health risk assessment, hazard risk assessment ),Environmental management approaches, Proactive assessment, Prediction and forecasting, Global challenges, Pollution and waste management (air, water and solid waste), Health, safety and accident management, Environmental management in sensitive, Vulnerable and difficult situations, Urban environmental management, Environmental ethics and environmental justice.

Course Learning Outcomes

Hands on training of Environmental Management laws which are applicable for different environmental scenarios how to deal different kind of pollutants in different environmental resources training on specification and variability of complex pollutants and their interactions

Environmental Management introduction

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environmental Management goals

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stakeholders in Environmental Management

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Book Title : Environmental Management
Author : SJ Barrow
Edition :
Publisher : Science direct
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Title : challenges in environmental management
Type : Other

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Title : Environmental Management Challanges
Type : Other

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Title : Environmental Management tools
Type : Presentation

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Title : ISO 14001
Type : Presentation

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Title : Procedural View of EM
Type : Presentation

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Title : EM- case study
Type : Presentation

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