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Scope and ubiquitous presence of embedded systems. Microprocessor and Microcontroller (AVR) Architecture. Internal Registers, Machine code, Addressing modes and Instruction Set, C and the Compiler, Debugging Software and Hardware, Threads, Tasks and Simple Scheduling, Branching, Interrupt handling, I/O and Communication Ports programming, Digital and Analog I/O Peripherals, A/D and D/A interfacing, Simulation design and debugging. Application using PWM. Learn to read datasheets/manuals in order to develop practical applications. Assembly and C language based microcontroller (PIC or Raspberry Pi) interfacing for interrupt and data based applications involving LED/ LCD, GPIO ports, communication ports, A/D, and D/A interfacing. Example project can be input voltage based speed control of DC Motor / stepper motor using PWM.

Course Learning Outcomes

1. DESCRIBE AVR based microcontroller architecture, its internal registers, and instruction set 2. PERFORM timer programming, serial port programming and interrupt programming both in C and assembly language 3. DESIGN and IMPLEMENT microcontroller based project for input voltage based speed control of a motor

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