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Course Contents

Theory: • Basic computer and network organization. Introduction to operating systems. • Introduction to word processing. spreadsheets and presentation software. • Introduction to mathematical software such as MATLAB. Program, languages, and compilation process. • Development of flowchart and corresponding pseudo codes. • Introduction to simple program coding. executing and debugging involving input / output. Practical: • Demonstration of computer and networking hardware and peripherals. • Operating system (Lino, Windows etc.) and application software installation (open office, MATLAB etc.). • Use of word processing. spread sheet and presentation software such as open office, latex etc. Solution of simple mathematical problems using MATLAB. • Introduction to C programming language and Turbo C.

Course Synopsis

On completion of this Course the student shall be able to: 1. Corn about the basic concepts of computer system, its peripheral devices and different typo of networks. 2. Familiarize the students with different types of computer software and applications. 3. Basic use of MATLAB and application of simple mathematical problems on MATLAB.

Course Learning Outcomes

Identify the components of a computer system, demonstrate basic proficiency in computer and commonly used computer applications. Explain the fundamentals of operating systems, databases, computer networks and internet. Ability to write, debug and execute programs in C Language

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