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Course Contents

Concept of digital image • Types of images • Visual perception • Light & electromagnetic perception • Image sensing & acquisition • Spatial and luminance resolution parameters • Image sampling and quantization • Imaging defects, noise, histogram processing • Spatial filtering, convolution & correlation • Smoothing & sharpening • Fourier Transform, Discrete Fourier Transform • Frequency based filtering • Contrast enhancement & adjustment • Noise elimination: smoothing, Histogram equalization, compression & Stretching • Image Restoration & Reconstruction • Image segmentation, Segmentation, Feature extraction • Image Coding & Compression • Applications

Course Synopsis

To study the image fundamentals and mathematical transforms necessary for image processing. • To study the image enhancement techniques • To study image restoration procedures.

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Acquire the basic knowledge of Digital Image Processing. Understand the concepts of digital image analysis and acquisition. 2. Analyze and evaluate the digital image acquisition, perception and processing in order to use them in computer vision, image enhancement and compression.

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Title : DIP CDF fall 2020
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