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Number Systems, Boolean Algebra, Logic Simplification, Combinational Logic, Sequential Logic, Latches, Flip-Flops and their applications. Adders, Multiplexers, Counters, Shift Registers, and simple Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). Design and implementation of combinational circuits in Verilog, Introduction to FPGA.

Course Synopsis

1. Understand how logic circuits are used to solve engineering problems. 2. Understand how logic circuits are analyzed, designed, verified and tested. 3. Understand the relationship between abstract logic characterizations and practical electrical implementations.

Course Learning Outcomes

CLO 1: Transform the decimal numbers to/from binary, octal hexadecimal etc and carry out the simple and signed arithmetic operations in these base systems. CLO 2: Apply K-map and theorem of Boolean algebra to simplify logic equation and use gates and encoders, decoders, multiplexers and de-multiplexers to build circuits. CLO3: Derive equations from truth / state table in order to design synchronous sequential logic which includes latches, flip-flops and state reduction.

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