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Course Contents

Current and voltage transients, RLC circuits with DC and AC excitation, Transient response and step response of second order circuits., resonant circuit: series and parallel resonance in AC circuit, Q-Factor, analog filters, introduction to phasor representation of alternating voltage and current, single-phase circuit analysis, star-delta transformation for DC and AC circuits, three phase circuits, power in three phase circuits and different methods of its measurements. Two-port networks and their interconnections. Application of Laplace transform in circuit analysis.

Course Synopsis

After completion of the course students will be equipped with the knowledge and techniques of analyzing electrical networks.

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze AC circuits in time domain and frequency domain. 2. Analyze balanced three phase systems 3. Use simple electric circuit models to examine the behavior of complex networks 4. Construct circuits on breadboards and perform electrical measurements and analyze using modern engineering tools

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Title : ENA CDF fall 2020
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