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Course Content 1.Public Administration Definition, significance, scoop and new trends 2.Personnel Administration Definition, typology, nature and recruitment theory,Position, classification 3.Recruitment: Method applied in Pakistan 4.Bureaucracy Definition, significance, Role in the Modern World, Bureaucracy in Pakistan: the Behavior Characteristics of the bureaucrats 5.Training Definition, Nature, significance, Pre-entry in service Post entry training in Pakistan 6.Financial Administration Definition, Importance and typology 7.Budgeting Definition, significance, typology, preparation, approval and application of the budgeting in Pakistan 8.General Administration Definition, Office Management and File Movement 9.NGO: Semi Government Formal and Informal Organization, Private Organization, Role of these Organizations in Pakistan 10.General Working Coordination, discipline, rule of business, rules making and applications, working of these in Pakistan and results.

Course Learning Outcomes

To acquaint students with the theoretical and practical aspects of structuring and working of various organizations for the amelioration of human life To orientate youth about the role of government and share of induvial in decision making process To train students to be better administration To educate the new generation with the techniques of formulation and implementation of the public policies To prepare for the competitive examination

This link will help the students to understand the main concept and evolution of public administration.

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Student will learn the concept of personal administartion.

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It will help student to understand the recruitment process of employees in Pakistan. of public

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Book Title : Public Administration: Principles and Practices,
Author : A. R. Tyagi,
Edition : 1990
Publisher : Naeem Publishers,Lahore

Book Title : Public administration
Author : John McDonald Pfiffner,
Edition : 1975
Publisher : New York, John Wiley & Sons

Title : nature and scope of public administratiom
Type : Other

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