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Course Contents

I. Introduction of Public Policy II. The Context for Policy Making: Central Institutions and Actors III. Theoretical Approaches to Policy Making IV. Problem Definition and Agenda- Setting V. Decision Making VI. Policy Implementation VII. Governance: A Synoptic Perspective on Policy Making VIII. Public Policy Beyond the Nation State IX. Policy Change and Policy Convergence  Conclusions: Future Challenges for Public Policy Analysi

Course Synopsis

The world of policy-making has changed dramatically in the last decade, forcing reconsideration of the traditional tools of governance and policy analysis. This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of public policy, decision-making, and the key elements of the policy process. The aim is to understand contemporary theoretical and practical debates about public policy and public management, with a focus on Pakistan. To achieve its objectives, the emphasis will be on linking theoretical discussions to practical concerns around policy formulation and implementation. To achieve the objectives of the course Inquiry Based Learning Method of teaching will be used. Students will be asked to go through the readings and take part in class discussion

Course Learning Outcomes

i) students identify key aspects of policy debates ii) the students can apply analytical skills to understand the policy document and policy process. iii) students can understand and explain major actor that influence policy making process iv) students get insight into major challenges that governments face in formulating, implementing the policies.

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