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International Political Economy:: o Nature o Scope - - Emergence and Growth o Importance of economics in International Relations o Process of Economic Development - Three competing schools of thought in IPE o Marxism o Economic nationalism o Liberalism - Hegemonic stability theory o Causes of hegemonic decline o Long cycles - New economic theories o Indigenous growth theory o New strategic theory o New geographic theory - Economic interdependence. A set of issues. o Imperialism o Dependence vs. independence o Trade among developed and developing. o North-south relations. o Politics of Foreign aid o Role of MNCs - Role of International Regimes(IMF,GATT,WTO) - Globalization and IPE - Economic Regionalism(EU,SAARC,ASEAN) - Emerging International Economic Order o International Monetary System o Politics of International Trade

Course Synopsis

Course Description: International Political Economy (IPE) is a perspective in the social sciences and history that analyzes international relations in combination with political economy. Ultimately, IPE is about the consequences on an international level of interaction between the states (Politics) and the markets (economics). Scholars of IPE study trade relations and financial relations among nations, and try to understand how nations have cooperated politically to create and maintain institutions that regulate the flow of international economic and financial transactions.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course is designed keeping in view the requirements of the MS program that is why it requires more rigorous efforts from the participants. This course is formulated to attain two-fold objectives: 1. To equitant the participants with the modern concepts of IPE and its repercussions on world politics. 2. To develop among the participants a key understanding of the prevalent directions and emerging scenario of world economic relation.

nature and dimensions of International Political Economy

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Book Title : Global Political Economy: Understanding the International Economic Order
Author : Robert Gilpin
Edition : 2011
Publisher : Princeton University Press

Title : strategic chocies and global economy
Type : Other

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