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ETHNICITY  Theoretical Framework • Theories of Ethnicity • Primordialism • Instrumentalism • Social Constructivism • Origin of Ethnic Group • Ethnicity and Nationalism • Concept of Imagined Political Community • Politics and Ethnicity • Symbolic Ethnicity • National Integration • Strategies of Government to counter Ethnic Conflict  Movements • Separatist Movement of East Pakistan • The Baloch Movement • The Jeeya Sind Movement / Mohajir Movement • The Pukhtunistan Movement • Seraiki Ethnic Movement

Course Synopsis

Course Description: Today the ethnic conflicts are the most intractable problem especially in the 3rd World countries like Pakistan. This course aims to highlight the factors contributing to ethnicity in Pakistan, various ethnic movements and the present troublesome situation going on in the northern area to bring into limelight the core issues.

Balochistan Movement

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Ethnicity and Nationalism structural basis

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Ethnicity and Nationalism

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Theories of Ethnicity Instrumentalists

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Nationalism and Ethnicity

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Race and Ethnicity

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Ethnic Group A Case Study

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Book Title : Ahmad, F. (1998). Ethnicity and Politics in Pakistan. .
Author : Feroz Ahmad
Edition : 1998
Publisher : Karachi: Oxford University Press

Book Title : Nationalism and political identity.
Author : Joireman, S.F
Edition : 2007
Publisher : Continuum.New York

Title : Structural Basis of Ethnicity
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Title : Origin of Ethnic Group
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Title : Theories of Ethnicity
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Title : Factors of Ethnicity
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Title : Baluchistan
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Title : Ethno National Movement in NWFP
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Title : MQM
Type : Other

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Title : Seraiki Movement
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