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Course Contents

Course Contents i. Theory building in International relations ii. The linkage between theory and practice in International relations iii. Liberalism and neo-liberalism iv. Realism and neo-realism v. Constructivism vi. Feminism vii. Marxism

Course Synopsis

Course Description: This course has been designed for the students of MS. The efforts have been made to make it comprehensive covering all the dimensions of world The objectives have been to prepare students to explain any phenomenon they come to observe the political relations prevalent in the world; to Inculcate a sense of understanding the phenomenon of interactions of states; Decipher new trends with the help of theories and to develop the new generation to be potential stuff of the administration of the country. The course is designed in such a way to cultivate the habit of research on various dimensions of the field.

Course Learning Outcomes

by the end of this course, students would be able to 1. Exhibit their understanding of the causes and processes of modern international issues; 2. Equip with major theoretical and conceptual traditions of international relations to understand complexities of international issues 3. develop propositions and arguments of the theories drawn from the diverse traditions of classical realism, neo-realism, neoliberalism, constructivism, , feminism and gender, neo-Marxism.

introduction to theories of IR

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lectures on Contending Theories of International Relations

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discussion on classical realism

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English School of Thought

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Structural Realism and world international Relations

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Book Title : Contending, Theories of International Relations
Author : Doughtry James E. and Pfalzgraff, Jr.RobertL
Edition : 2001
Publisher : New York, Wesely-Longman

Book Title : Theories of International Relations,
Author :  Hursch. James A
Edition : 1990
Publisher : Washington D.C: defence University,

Book Title : Globalization and International Theory
Author : Ian Clark,
Edition : 1990
Publisher : London, Oxford University Press,

Title : Introduction to IR chap 06
Type : Curriculum Book

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Title : perspectives on International Relations
Type : Reference Book

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