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Note: First five topics would be covered during four weeks (15th September-15th October). Material is provided in related links, books and downloads. I) Globalization • Definition • Nature • Concepts • Significance II) Dimensions of globalization • Political • Economic • Cultural • Technological Impact of Globalization III) Obstacles in Globalization • Regionalism • Economic Nationalism • Cultural Invasion • IV) Collective Security V) Concepts of a Global Village VI) Terrorism and globalization

Course Synopsis

Course Description The main purpose of this course is to focus on the increasing importance, dimensions, and impacts of globalization in international relations. It further causes various dimensions of globalization and their effects on the international system.

lecture on Globalization

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Book Title : The Globalization of World Politics
Author : John & Steve Smith & Patricia Owens. Baylis
Edition : 2014
Publisher : OUP Publisher

Title : Globalization conceptual framework
Type : Other

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