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Course Contents

1. Importance of foreign policy in International Relations 2. Principles and objectives of foreign policy 3. Determinants of foreign policy 4. Theories of Foreign Policy 5. Foreign policy-making process 6. Approaches to the study of foreign policy-formulation 7. Elements of Foreign Policy 8. Models of foreign policy decision making 9. Internal and external inputs/pressures and limitations in the formulation of foreign policy 10. Leaders, Institutions and Process 11. Foreign Policy, Media, Public Opinion and Domestic Politics 12 Foreign Policy; National and Transnational Actors 13. Various strategies for the achievement of the aims and objectives, implementation-opportunities and obstacles 14. Foreign policy-making process of selected countries

Course Synopsis

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to examine the nature, structure, and functioning of the organizations that are International in their purpose and composition. This course will deal especially, although not exclusively, with the United Nations system.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to: • Understand foreign policy-making processes in general. • Acquire knowledge of different theories and models of foreign policymaking. • Analyze significant foreign policy decisions and their outcomes.

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