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I) European Union  Structure  Functioning  Working II) SAARC  Structure  Functioning III) ASEAN  Structure  Functioning  Working IV) OIC V) NAFTA VI) APEC VII) OAS

Course Synopsis

Course description: The purpose of this course is to acquaint the students with the major concepts and functions of the various regional organizations working in the international system. It also aims to inculcate the capability among students to analyze how different states have collectively formed their small regional arrangements which provide them a ground to bring forward their agenda. This course mainly focuses on how actually different regional organizations can play a variety of roles in the international system.

Course Learning Outcomes

By studying this course students would learn the analytical skills which would help them to observe certain phenomenon in society and to generalize their observations and experiments and create awareness regarding the basic concepts of regional arrangements.


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Regionalism in a globalized world

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Book Title : GLOBAL POLITICS OF REGIONALISM Theory and Practice
Author : Edited by Mary Farrell, Björn Hettne, and Luk Van Langenhove
Edition : 2005
Publisher : Pluto Press

Title : Regional Organizations
Type : Other

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