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Note: First five topics would be covered during four weeks (15th September-15th October). References are given in downloads, related links and books. I) Nature and development of the International Organization i) Definition and evaluation ii) Importance and role II) The League of Nations i) Historical background ii) Structure iii) Organization iv) Strengths and weakness of League III) The United Nations i) Historical background ii) Charter and structure iii) Main organs iv) Specialized agencies ( WHO, ILO, UNESCO, UNICEF) v) Achievements of UNO IV) Conflict resolution under the auspices of the United Nations i) Maintenance of peace and security: a case study of Kashmir and Bosnia ii) Human rights deceleration of UNO V) Financial Institutions i) Three Bretton Wood sisters ( World Bank, IMF, WTO) VI) Future of International Organisations

Course Synopsis

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to examine the nature, structure, and functioning of the organizations that are International in their purpose and composition. This course will deal especially, although not exclusively, with the United Nations system.

Course Learning Outcomes

By studying this course students would learn the analytical skills which would help them to observe certain phenomenon in society and to generalize their observations and experiments and create awareness regarding the basic concepts of international organizations.

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Book Title : The Nature and Function of International Organization
Author : Stephen S. Good speed
Edition : 1967
Publisher : Oxford University Press

Title : UN Past and Present
Type : Other

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