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Course Contents

. I. Meanings, nature, and scope of local government systems II. Colonial heritage and evolution of local government systems in Pakistan. III. Organizational structure and performance of local government in Pakistan under the basic democracy ordinance 1959, 1979 and devaluation plan of 2000. All the recent developments are also included. IV. The role of local government in National development. V. The role of citizens in local government. VI. Sustainability problems of local government. VII. Comparative study of local government UK, USA, France, and Pakistan.

Course Synopsis

The main objective of this course is to generate awareness among the students about the significance of Local Government and the basic dynamics of the system. It will provide the students with the parameters and an analytical framework for the study of any individual system or comparison among various systems of local governments.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, the students will enable to I. Have a broad understanding of some of the most important ideas, issues and events in the local government. II. Have an enhanced appreciation of the contemporary political environment. III. Have an understanding of the role of local government in a democratic country.

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