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Mathematical modeling, Formulation and graphical solution of linear programming problems. Analytical solution. Simplex Method, Artificial Starting solution, Special cases. The dual problem, primal dual relationship, Dual simplex method. Definition of transportation model, Various methods including North-West corner method, Least-cost method and Vogel’s approximation of solving transportation models. Method of multipliers. The Assignment models. The transshipment models, Network models. The minimal spanning tree, Shortest-Route algorithms for acyclic and cyclic networks. Maximal-flow problem.

Course Learning Outcomes

Operations Research deals with problems from business, government, industry, science, technology, and many other areas of practical activity. This course is designed to give students the insight and the analytical skills required for the higher-level courses. On successful completion of this course the students will be able to: define and formulate linear programming problems; solve linear programming problems using appropriate techniques. They will also have an understanding of the theoretical basis of the algorithms.

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Book Title : Operations Research: An Introduction
Author : T. A. Hamdy
Edition :
Publisher : Macmillan Publishing Company

Book Title : Introduction to Operations Research
Author : Fredrick S. Hillier & Gerald J. Lieberman
Edition :
Publisher : McGraw Hill, 2009

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