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Course Contents

Each topic will correspond to a week of the course 1. Policy issues in development 2. Poverty assessment: methods 3. Poverty assessment: policies and programs 4. Inequality and vulnerability assessment 5. Human development and social protection programs 6. Targeting of social programs 7. Microfinance institutions 8. Impact analysis of development projects: methods 9. Impact analysis of development projects: cases 10. Development strategies and macro-policies 11. Agriculture for development 12. Environment and development policy 13. Policy debate on foreign aid 14. Crises and policy responses 15. Review. The development profession

Course Synopsis

Provide coaching that give information and analytical approaches for economics and development; Understand how key issues, such as rural development, agriculture growth, infrastructure, poverty and social exclusion, environmental concerns and gender issues, affect the process of development;

Course Learning Outcomes

This course helps students understand: (1) why some poor countries have been successful in catching up with the industrialized countries in per capita income, while others are increasingly lagging behind, (2) why half of humanity remains poor, and (3) why environmental degradation and resource exhaustion are commonly associated with income growth, and what are the implications of degradation and exhaustion on growth and poverty. It also helps students understand what can be done to promote development through policies and investment projects, and learn to analyze the economic, social, and environmental impacts of specific initiatives.

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Lecture numbers: 005,006,013,248,253,254

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Agriculture and rural development

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Book Title : Development Economics Theory and Practice
Author : Alain De Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet
Edition :
Publisher : Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, London and Newyark

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