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COURSE OUTLINE: Introduction to soil and environment. origin of soil . Soil formation: different types of weathering, soil forming factors, Soil taxonomy, Soil properties: Physical (soil texture, soil structure porosity, Permeability, consistency, color, temperature, soil-air-water relationship) chemical properties: Soil colloids and clays: cation exchange capacity, soil biology, Salt-affected and water logged soils: Types and management. Soil erosions: types, Causes and remedies. Environmental impact of agro-chemicals. Types of soil pollutants: inorganic, organic and radioactive. Strategies for soil-water-environment conservations. Water resources, quality and irrigation. Sustainable Irrigation practices PRACTICALS 1. To perform different sampling methodologies for collection of soil samples 2. To prepare the dry soil samples for various tests. 3. To perform the grain size analysis of different soil samples. 4. To analyze soil pH for different soil samples. 5. To determine the water content of different soil samples. 6. To study the soil profile of different areas in the university. 7. To calculate the percentage of carbonates (CO3-), Bi-carbonates (HCO3-), and Nitrates (NO3-), in different soil samples. 8. Visit of soil survey Department. 9. To calculate the percentage of Organic matter in different soil samples. 10. To identify the soil types using soil color chart

Course Learning Outcomes

This course provides basic information about 1. Soil and environment, its role in energy and matter cycle and its significance in ecosystem functioning. 2. Advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning all disciplines of Soil and Environmental Sciences like soil fertility, soil chemistry, soil mineralogy, soil microbiology and biochemistry, soil physics, soil salinity, soil genesis, classification and morphology with particular emphasis on environment.

Soil and Environment quality

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Soil erosions

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soil pollution

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Book Title : Soil Pollution
Author : Ibrahim A. Mirsal
Edition : 2nd edition
Publisher : Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
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Book Title : The nature and properties of soil.
Author : 5. Brady, N. C. and Weil, R. R.
Edition : 13th Edition
Publisher : Prentice-Hall Inc. NJ, USA

Title : Impact of Agrochemicals on soil
Type : Presentation

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Title : Soil erosions: types, Causes and remedies.
Type : Presentation

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Title : Strategies for soil and water conversations
Type : Presentation

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Title : Types of soil pollutants
Type : Presentation

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