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An introduction to Forensic Science, Principles, Laws of Forensic Science, Historical Background, Need of Forensic Science in present scenario, Forensic Science Laboratories, Laboratories at central and state level. Crime : Definition, types and causes of crime. Investigation & examination of various types of cases (a) Murder (b) Rape (c) Burglary (d) Railway & Air Crashes (e) Road Accidents etc. Location, Collection & Evaluation of various types of Tool Marks & Trace Evidences (Paint, Soil, Glass, Detective Dyes, GSR etc.). 1. Crime Detection Devices: UV, IR, X-Rays, their nature and applications, Detective Dyes, Neutron Radiography, Microscopy, Chromatography, DNA analyzer. Fingerprints Examination: History & Development, Fundamental Principles, Types of Fingerprints, Classification of Fingerprints, Fingerprint characteristics. Recent Advanced Techniques used in Forensic Science : Lie Detection, Voice Identification, DNA Profiling, Narco Analysis, Brain Fingerprinting.

Course Synopsis

This course will provide the conceptual basis for understanding fundamental concept of forensic science and its application in society. It will also provide opportunities for a student to develop both informative and diagnostic skills in forensic Biotechnology, including the practical application and interpretation of laboratory tests for the diagnosis of criminals.

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