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Course Contents

• Elements of Art: Students Class Discussion & Presentation • Principles of Art: Students Discussion on the above topics in a current Exhibition • Subjectivity and Objectivity: Group Discussion with an expert/artist on the above Topic • Conceptual Art: Student Presentation on Conceptual Art • How to Judge an Art Work: Students will write a 1000 word paper on “Criticism on Art” • What is Aesthetics, Beauty and Sublime?

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the appreciation of art through the understanding of elements and principles of art, subjectivity and objectivity, conceptual art, judgement of artwork, aesthetics, beauty and sublime. Students will study Art works in Museums, Private Collections and Exhibition in the light of the above studied topics. They will be judged by a presentation and viva voce at the end of the academic year and evaluation will be added in their coursework.

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, students will be able to: • Apply art terminology as it specifically relates to works of art. • Demonstrate knowledge of art elements and principles of design. • Differentiate between the processes and materials used in the production of various works of art. • Critically interpret, analyse, evaluate, and contextualize works of art. • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of arts on culture.

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